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How to Use the Recovery Bound JournalTM

Post On December 19, 2015 By webadmin

  • Recovery Bound JournalTM is divided into 7 sections with tabs
  • Daily Tracking is composed of ten days.  It may help to use a paperclip to indicate the current day because each day consists of 4 pages.
  • Emergency Contact Information is the first page in the Contact Information section and goes on the patient’s wall.  Ask the nurse where this information is most visible to all medical staff in the event of an emergency.
  • The Patient Medical Information can be filled out ahead of time.
  • Make several copies of the Current Medications page and keep in this section.
  • Test Result, ask for copies of all test results.  The Department of Health and Human Services guarantees this right and is invaluable when changing doctors and/or facilities.
  • Calendar contains 6 blank months to help with future appointments, treatments and timeline.  The Notes section at the bottom is for reminders and goals.
  • Patient Education (fancy name for Discharge Information)

    ****Get the Nurses Stations Phone Number*******  
It is impossible to find after you have left the hospital.

  • Legal Documents required by healthcare facilities vary from state to state.  Ask your attorney or facility.  Keep several copies in this section.
  • The final page, Steps for Mindful Meditation, are simple instructions for meditation.  Sometimes when all else fails, breathing is all we can do.  Meditation can be a powerful tool that reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and clears the mind.

Katie and Kathleen hope the Recovery Bound JournalTM helps you through the healing process.


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