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Women’s Essential Gift Package


  • To soften surroundings – white twinkling lights, plush throw and Moshi pillow
  • To soothe – personal washcloths, lotion, lip balm and hand sanitizer, backscratcher, gel eye mask, disposable cleansing towelettes
  • To bring a smile – comfortable earbuds and a metal straw

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Product Description

  • a strand of 100 hundred white lights to brighten the décor of any room
  • 60 x 80 inch ultra-soft plush throw for the ultimate in comfort
  • A Moshi pillow – flexible, squishy and great for use in recovery
  • A personal washcloth packaged as a cupcake
  • The Naked Bee® Orange Blossom Honey Mini Bee Kit: Lotion, Lip Balm and Hand Sanitizer
  • Telescoping Bear Claw Backscratcher to reach all those itchy areas
  • Gel eye mask from The Crème Shop to sooth tired eyes, aid in sleep, and help with sinus pain
  • Aloe Vera cleansing towelettes from The Crème Shop
  • SoundLogic ™ Active Earbuds – specially designed for comfort while lying in bed or resting
  • Polar Pipe Metal Straw to make cold drinks even colder
  • Includes a Send Well Wishes reusable bag to help carry all the new gifts home

Additional Information

Weight 4.6875 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 6 in


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